Quotation and Invoice

The quotation and invoice provided by Ooh-Aah invitations is valid for 14 days from the issue date. Price is subject to change without prior notice. A 50% deposit is required to begin the design process.

Design Process:

The initial design will be submitted within 7 working days after receiving a 50% deposit and the invitation wording. The wording must be submitted by email in a Word document.

The price on the invoice provided includes up to 3 rounds of minor edits after the initial design is presented to the client. Please revise your proofs carefully before submitting a request to edit the design. These edits can be any of the following:

1. Alterations in text styles (font, size and colour).
2. Format and edit text.
3. Reposition graphics.

Editing your design will take up to 3 working days after you send a request. Any further alterations you request after the 3 rounds of edits and/or changes beyond the scope of the design brief will incur extra charges at Ooh-Aah Invitations' rate of $120 per hour + gst.


Your order will be processed for production after you approve the design. Ooh-Aah Invitations will accept a written approval by email only. The final quantity order must be confirmed prior to production. Please ensure the final count includes extra copies (minimum 5) as Ooh-Aah Invitations may not hold any spare copies.


To avoid delaying the production process, please respond to your design consultant at a timely manner with edits or questions reagarding your order. Ooh-Aah Invitations encourage our clients to send the list of edits via email to ensure all amendments are made during each round of revision. A request to edit the design via SMS will not be accepted. Ooh-Aah Invitations are not responsible for any errors or omissions and spelling in the wording supplied by the client. Any further alterations requested after approval will incur extra charges.

Ooh-Aah Invitations also request clients to inspect their invitations and stationery products and to report any errors in the production of our work within 7 working days. Ooh-Aah Invitations will attend to these errors during this period only.


The invitations produced by Ooh-Aah Invitations are printed using a manual process and are individually assembled by hand. Ooh-Aah Invitations will aim to maintain consistencing however natural variation will occur.

Colours may also vary between the computer screen and the actual product. Ooh-Aah Invitations cannot guarantee an exact colour match as there are several factors that can affect printing including the printer, paper, ink, environment, coating, etc.

All printing products are trimmed. Trimming of printing products may shift by up to 1-2mm from the proof, specification or print job to print job.


Printing of Guest Names:

Please send the final list of guest names that is to be printed on the invitation and/or printed on the tags in an Excel file. The printing of the names will be conducted in one single process only. Any additional names the client requests to have printed after this process will incur Ooh- Aah Invitations' unit cost and an additional fee of $120.


Printing and assembling will take 4-6 weeks from the date of approval. Special orders for boxes and laser cutting may take longer, however will be advised upon before acceptance of the contract of sale. Express printing 'Jump the queue' service is available at a turn-around rate of 2-3 weeks. An express request will incur an additional fee payable at the start of the design process.


Ooh-Aah Invitations own the copyright for the artwork provided on the invitation and stationery design. Artwork includes layout design and monogram. Artwork, invitations and stationery products may not be sold, copied, reproduced or altered without prior written permission of Ooh-Aah Invitations. A high resolution file of the client's monogram can be purchased for $90 per file type. The names of the fonts on the invitation design will not be released. Ooh-Aah Invitations reserves the right to place a discreet logo incorporating our web address to each product we sell.

Hours of operation:

Ooh-Aah Invitations run face to face appointments on the weekends only. Following your initial consultation hours of contact by phone are between 9am and 6pm Australian (Eastern Standard Time). If your matter is urgent you can email your design consultant outside of these hours, however responses may only be attended to during business hours.


Payment is accepted by direct deposit or credit card via PayPal. The outstanding amount must be paid prior to delivery or upon collection otherwise Ooh-Aah Invitations will not release any goods to the client. If you prefer to pay on the day of collection, cash payment with the exact amount and cheque is accepted as there are no EFTPOS facilities available at our showroom. Client can pay by cedit card online via PayPal or by EFT using their own smart phone device. Credit card payments incur a 2.9% fee for customers within Australia and 3.6% fee for international customers.

Refund and Exchange:

The 50% deposit is non-refundable unless cancellation is made within 7 workings days after the date of payment. The remaining balance is non-refundable once payment has been made. Any defects or issues the client may have with the finished product must be reported within 7 days and Ooh-Aah Invitations and returned to Ooh-Aah Invitations before any issues are rectified.

Bridezilla Clause:

Under no circumstance will Ooh-Aah Invitations tolerate any rude or disruptive conduct. Evidence of such behavior will allow us to terminate the contract of sale and it will be upon our discretion to refund part deposit during the transaction process.