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Elegant grey wedding invitations.

No Need To Fear, Grey Is Trending!

Grey is elegantly neutral and loved for the classic and chic look. The beauty of grey is that it seamlessly pairs with any colour. A colour palette with grey can create a style that’s understated and modern or traditional and romantic.

We’ve built a collection of grey wedding invitations with gold foil. Our designs focus on simplicity, elegance and luxury, that will amaze your guests for years to come. Check out our top picks below:


1. Gold foil monogram created with intertwined initials on a book style hardcover invitation in grey.



2. Book style invitation with a luxurious suede cover and gold foil monogram.


3. Grey suede covers this gorgeous box and invitation design.


4. Double sided invitations with white and gold foil.



5. Gorgeous round menus with grey suede and gold foil.


I hope you’re feeling inspired! Please get in touch with us if you have any questions