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“I need another 5 invitations printed, can you please help?!”

“Sorry I need to reduce my order. I just realised I don’t need to give every guest their own invitation”

The best of us gets this wrong (myself included when I organised my own invitations) and it’s an expensive mistake to make so let’s have a quick chat about it…⁣

A lot of clients will give us their total guest count assuming one invite per person, but we will always double check this prior to quoting and confirm with our clients. Reminding you all the way that you should be basing the count by one invitation per couple or one invitation per family.⁣

The usual order quantity is roughly half the ‘total’ guest count, give or take an additional 10-15 invitations as spares or to cater for any single invites that need to be sent out. Now this is a guide only and will change if you have several single invitations to be handed out.⁣⁣

Think of it this way, if you have a standard table of 10 at your reception, usually this will be filled with 5 couples or if you have two large families to invite of approx 4-5 guests each from two different households, the total number of invitations to be sent out to cater for this table can vary between 2-5 invitations depending on the situation. Now think about it if you had a table of workmates without partners, that’s 10 separate invitations to consider.⁣

It also gets a bit tricky when you have adults living at home with parents and they have a partner you wish to invite. Technically they should have their own invitation separate to that of the parents.⁣

We hope this helps in working out your total order requirement. Don’t forget to order a few spares to keep as a memento or as a back up if you or your partner have forgotten to invite someone who was supposed to be on the original list… oops ! *this happens often.⁣