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The colour black is typically associated with death, evil, mystery and taboo. It is also associated with power, elegance and formality. Over the years we have seen many couples break tradition on this matter and have asked us to create a black invitation for their wedding.

We have also seen many grandmothers upset with the idea of a black invitation, however upon receipt of the final invitation they have changed their opinion altogether on the matter and are actually blown away by the sheer beauty of the finished product.

Many people also forget that the colour black can also play a key feature for the styling of the big day. From tablecloths to black gloss dancefloors to stationery, let’s take a look at what some of our previous brides have done.


Here are our top five picks for our black invitations:

1. Alexa & Michael

Wedding invitation board with marble print and gold foiling.


2. Sylvia & Tolga

Gold foiling on black stock and grey suede.


3. Ivana & Marc

A5 Invitation card featuring a black belly band with gold foiling.


4. Dana & Trent

Gatefold hard cover invitation with rose gold foiling in a black laser cut box.