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The gatefold wedding invitation is one of my favourite designs I love working on. I love the decorative elements that make this style of wedding invitation so unique and special. I love the experience of opening the two doors and feeling like I’ve stepped into a wondrous world filled with plenty of adornments to admire.  Have a look for yourself:



The main attraction is the custom plaque on the cover of the invitation. I love creating something different for each couple and combining various patterns to represent the elegance and charm of their wedding.



Of course, elegant invitations don’t need to have traditional swirly patterns, and I understand that’s not everyone’s thing. Here’s a gatefold wedding invitation that’s modern and sleek and finished with a marble background


The gatefold wedding invitation can be produced in different colours and different stock as well. What do you think of this burgundy suede cover on this one?



For many years, our invitation designs had always incorporated 2 letters as the main feature. We can achieve this on the gatefold layout with laser cutting and create a beautiful entry to your wedding invitation.





Like most of our wedding invitations, the gatefold invitations are packaged inside an envelope, but if you’d like something extra special (and fancier), you can order a laser cut box just like this:



I hope you’ve enjoyed our gorgeous range of gatefold invitations and I hope you’re feeling inspired! Please get in touch with us if you have any questions