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Q&A : Bridal Shower or Kitchen Tea ? Which would you choose ?

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Traditionally, a Bridal Kitchen Tea is just that – an afternoon tea in which guests bring a gift for the Bride suitable for the kitchen only. A Bridal Shower on the other hand sees guests bring a gift of any description to “shower” the bride with.


So who throws the bridal shower / kitchen tea ?

Usually we see the bridesmaids attend to the event and is usually held at the mother of the brides home.


What are the popular themes for kitchen tea cards?

Our ooh aah invitation brides have provided us with a number of themes over the last few years. The most memorable have been:

  1. Garden theme
  2. Vintage high tea
  3. Mad hatter Kitchen tea party
  4. Champagne High tea
  5. Floral themed

Here are some of our popular high tea invitations our brides have selected in the past:


Kitchen tea invitation with floral print and gold foiling
White acrylic kitchen tea invitation
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