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When do we start sending invitations for my wedding?

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Many couples tend to leave invitations down to the last item to check off on the wedding list, the reason for this can be anything from “we simply forgot” to “waiting for confirmed start times from venues”. Either way it is completely normal to leave the invitations to one of the last few things to book in, however you may wish to keep this useful bit of information handy just so you stay ontop of the planning process and give your guests adequate time to arrange transport, a babysitter or even book accommodation and travel (if it’s a destination wedding).

Wedding type When to send out Why am I sending them out this early?

Local (Most guests are from the same state)

 3-6 months Allow your guests to book it in their calendar, 3 – 6 months allows for adequate timing to ensure guests are not shuffling plans that have been prebooked. 12 weeks will go at the blink of an eyelid.


Interstate (Most guests are in the same country, but need to arrange transport and accommodation


6-8 months

 Allows your guests to troll the internet to look for cheaper sale flights and book accommodation and potentially grab a bargin. If you arn’t keen on them attending, but need to give them an invitation out of respect, an old trick is to send out the invitation a few weeks out when flights or accommodation tend to be more expensive… happens.



Overseas / Destination


6-12 months if no save the date cards have been prepared.

6 Months if the save the date cards have been sent out.


Pretty much the same reasoning to interstate weddings. For destination weddings, you are asking your guests to take leave and basically organise a holiday, 6 – 12 months will give them adequate time to plan their own adventures potentially find cheaper flights and accommodation to attend your big day.


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